Friday, April 16, 2010

My Other 2 Posts.

First off I would like to say sorry for the wait on the last two sections :(.

the rest of number 3.

and its not all wierd and awkward and I can just walk into class calm and relaxed knowing that I will not have to worry about getting kicked out of class from the teacher because the way I learn isn't the way that they teach.

4. "Dont Stereotype".
When I say dont stereotype I mean don't judge a student from what you have heard from another staff member or person around the building, or even the case of how the kid dresses or how they act when you see them in the halls or outside the school. All im asking is that you give each and every student the right to learn freely and not shun them down because of past experiences or what you've you heard.

5. "Open Work Enviroment".
When you hear open work enviroment you might be thinking im talking about outside or in a big open area but that's not it at all. What I do mean by this is just the simple fact that more teachers should be open to students getting up and strechting or talking to a friend for a minute or two then go back to work. I know when I say this you will read it and say woah a classroom like that would be out of controll but the truth is if your open with your students 90% of the time they will respect you and do as you ask.


  1. Thanks for a new perspective, Tim. I think you are brave to put yourself out on the web like this. Keep on truckin' kiddo!

  2. I completely agree with you about the "Open Work Environment". Allowing students to talk and collaborate helps those who are unsure about the task at hand while also encouraging other students to be leaders in a positive and constructive way. I think that a collaborative learning space is the thing that my students appreciate the most. It is nice, that the technology we have today has many tools (like this one) to support this open work environment.

    Continue to blog. I wonder if you can create an assignment for one of your courses - about blogging, about your experience at TedxONtario, about the educators that you met?