Saturday, April 17, 2010


Just wondering if anyone has any topics they would like me to talk about?

Friday, April 16, 2010

My Other 2 Posts.

First off I would like to say sorry for the wait on the last two sections :(.

the rest of number 3.

and its not all wierd and awkward and I can just walk into class calm and relaxed knowing that I will not have to worry about getting kicked out of class from the teacher because the way I learn isn't the way that they teach.

4. "Dont Stereotype".
When I say dont stereotype I mean don't judge a student from what you have heard from another staff member or person around the building, or even the case of how the kid dresses or how they act when you see them in the halls or outside the school. All im asking is that you give each and every student the right to learn freely and not shun them down because of past experiences or what you've you heard.

5. "Open Work Enviroment".
When you hear open work enviroment you might be thinking im talking about outside or in a big open area but that's not it at all. What I do mean by this is just the simple fact that more teachers should be open to students getting up and strechting or talking to a friend for a minute or two then go back to work. I know when I say this you will read it and say woah a classroom like that would be out of controll but the truth is if your open with your students 90% of the time they will respect you and do as you ask.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Sorry everyone it did not save the last two sections before our brutal school computer died :)

Top 5 Tips For Teachers

Well first off I would like to thank you for replying to my blog so quickly :).

The top 5 things that I would say to a teacher to try and get students to learn to maximum potential are the following:

1." Relevant learning"

When I say relevant learning I mean try and teach the subject so that it will fit into the students everyday life. You also have to make the lesson fun for the student especially if they are like me and cant focus on one assignment for 45 minutes unless its something that keeps us moving and active so were not thinking about how boring school is for us.

2. "Motivate your Students"

Now for motivating your students, im not sure about everyone but I know for myself when a teacher is really open with the classroom and dosn't mind cracking some jokes or letting the students have some fun but to a certain point. Im not sure if this really answers motivation but for me I get more motivated to go to a classroom when i know the teacher is flexable with me and my learing needs and is not afraid to put some of his/her time to help me achieve that credit.

3. "Mutual Respect"

I dont know why I didn't put this one first considering its my biggest passion in the school system and I mean this in the way that when I walk into the classroom I can say hey whats up Mr or Mrs whatever and its not all wierd and awkward

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"At Risk" Life

Since my Tedx Ontario presentation many people have been requesting that I start a blog about my thoughts and ideas, so i took this into account and here they are.

Through my whole school career i have been getting in trouble in classrooms and always getting sent down to the office and there was nothing i could do about it, then came along highschool and if i thought life was rough before, was this ever a eye openiner, everything in the school was 3x harder then public school, had to worry about getting class on time bringing all books and all the teachers (no offence) were stiklers if you didnt have what they told you to bring you would sure hear about it. This resulted in me getting 8 credits when i enterd grade 11 and i was like woah how does this work the more i dont wanna be here the longer im gonna end up being here, so i had to start playing the game that the school system creates and by this i mean I attented class when there was something big going on, I did really good no tests, pritty much everything i had to do jsut to get the 50-55% in a class, just so i pass it.

Now im currently a Grade 12 student and i have 17 credits so by the end of next year ill have all my credits accumulated and only be a year behind which is way better then i thought because at the rate i was going I thought i'd be here for 8 years lol. A lot of people have also been asking me; what made you turn around and start doing better in school and it goes with what i said in the paragraph before the more i rebeled at school the longer that i would be in the place that i wanted so badly to get out of, The other answer to that question is proper motivation, most students who are "at risk" just dont care and dont relise what school can and will do for you, they all have the same motivation I had to go to school and it was, YAAAAA go to school, skip and chill with buddies all day! but now my motivation is come to school show up to the bare neccesities to get by and get out of highschool.

Im not sure if this answered anyones questions but please feel free to blog back any questions you might have, and im looking forword to blogging about my Tedx talk